G20 into gool-bama-cash syrup

FilipeAlvesFerreira #4(1942) wrote at The Economist :November 15, 2008 18:25
G20 may go into gool-bama-cash recipe. Comment for : On November 15th world leaders are due to sit around a table in Washington, DC, to fix finance

To resolve we need the introduction of the money datevaluation practice to upgrade the Classic Economy.
Because first of all we could not stay any more time without an investment's substitute practice to desserve plusvalues for the people resolving risks by cashkeeping mode and resolving the sovereignity versus security dilemma by people's free economic choice.

So I think that the gool-bama-cash with its personalised money for live-savings web running it may be the recipe and the solution for new economic-finantial statements.

Good for you, good for me, good for Barak Obama. Good for others countries settlements.

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