New ways of Obama leading

Again... "new leaders must invent the future while dealing with the past".

Because the recipe Gool-Bama-Cash includes changes in the nature of the money.
It may be personalized by you, by me, by the others. By a new practice called the money datevaluation practice for personal live-savings creation. If you like to make it and upgrade the Classic Economy with your economic action. In liberty and for hapiness. Leaders just invent and propose new ways to solve the problems created by past practices .

With the Gool-Bama-Cash recipe first of all we must evaluate what about changing your money credit asset offered by past bank savings system, into your money property asset in cashkeeping mode of webcash live-savings running for personalized webcashmatic plusvalues.

Old practice /New practice
Dead savings / Live-savings
Credit asset / Property asset
Bank savings system / Cashkeeping_Universocial_Gool-Bama-Cash system

We need the admnistration of economic recipes. And governments for the people wellbeing.

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