Personalized_Webliving_Money for President

First finantial gift for the President Barak Obama : Create your own Gool-Bama-Cash as a "do-it-yourself" currency. For the Word wellbeing. For you and your family, for me and for all humains.

The Owndated-Webquantum Owndated Webquantum utility for payment operations between 2 webjuris persons results in a personalized-money function which is called Owndated Webquantum Money with the free value of the concerned webjuris persons deal registered at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web operating the ownership exchange of each OW.

In the payement process with this king of money also called OWMoney, or Personalized_Webliving_Money, or PWM, or Mytime-Money-Currency the value of each parcel is a dynamic one. Because as time flows in the clock, you and your OW start winning, positions or incoming. No matter what, time can't be stopped, and so, no matter what, your saving inminent also can't.

That personalized-money function of any Owndated Webquantum or that live-savings function of any Owndated Webquantum is defined as Owndated Webquantum Money which is a personal mode of payment into the registered WUW web_living_space of OW owners.

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