Banks and capital pumps

To resolve capital needs in Classic Economy, Monetary Authorities and the bank system have to improve the ended mechanics of both classic origins :

- Capital-derivative from Savings-Pump ;
- Capital-creation from Investment-Pump .

When these 2 fields become narrow, crisis are generated . Alain Greespan explain the US banks needs hard to resolve and without any recipe to find higher capital for the old classic system.

That's why Googledepending and Obamadepending draft for collaborative solution on Gool-Bama-Cash solution basis, have to get their attention.

Folks are ready to collaborate with theirs personalized-webliving-savings. Individual breeders of Tagvaporated-Capital-Creation. Enlarging the capital formation forever. Let's go to Economy 4G3W.
Just upgrade Dear Greespan. Try your webjurisperson quality.

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