Rescuing lawmakers in economic front


                           Let's change from 3 to 4

US Admnistration is looking for Market-Regulations solutions . However lawmakers minds are blocked in the space of the 3 Classic-Economic-Fields :

Regulations for consumption ;
Regulations for savings ;
Regulation for investment.

Now, with Obamadepending Universocial Cash Economy, President Obama may resolve opening the 4th Economic-Field for yielding wealth and enlarging space as into Economy 4G3W (that by communication motors into the Web) which upgrade of the money datevaluation practice and it Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe is in Googledepending LabApps ready to kickoff.

Then Lawmakers may thanks President. And President Barak H. Obama may thanks Lawmakers.

And you ? Do you like solutions for you and for America ? Why not universocial solution ?

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