How to reset financial system

Obama Admnistration, FED and Treasury have no choices into the Classic Economic Space of our ending Classic Economy limited at three economic practices : consumption, savings and investment. That's why they don't find good recipe to secure and control the financial system.

At WUW-team-4G3W we are on Authoring free colaboration as offered in Googledepending terms and Obamadepending needs and wants for the kick off with Gool-Bama-Cash solution. Yes, opening the free use of our communication motors (mobiles and other webware devices) for the creation of personalized-webliving-savings. For personal webcashmatic gains giving folks the opportunity for daily multiplied cash results. Extracting wealth from the virgin economic space allowed by the money datevaluation.

Thus the fourth economic practice enlarge the overall space adding date valuation Economy 4G3W by personal webcashmotor for linking money-at-money for folks Gool-Bama-Cash solution by day results.

"...Marcus Barber thinks that, among the cry for creativity, the value of entrepreneurs and innovation is often lost..."

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