American Dream have to become universocial reality


Because we may agree with Arianna Huffington  in her last post about "...: The Real Wall Street Crime".
Yes. The reorganization of our financial system goes far beyond the upcoming debate on new financial regulations.
But. How can the Treasury, the Fed, and the National Economic Council start to bet on the launch of the money datevaluation practice to resolve by "gool-bama-cash" financial recipe ?
How can the ECB, G-8 or G-20, Russia, China, India, Japan, Brazil and so Nigeria and so Arabia or France, all smart brains arrange new practice to upgrade our ending Classic Economy ?

Who has the solution to resolve money issues to push folks wellbeing ?

We are proposing the launch of the practice of investment's substitute, besides the classic investment, consumption actions and classic savings. Upgrading from 3 to 4 economic practices for overall economic result. Enlarging wealth culture into a new space. The Self-Marked-Own-Dated-Webspace. Letting folks making Gool-Bama-Cash personalized use to create added value. To resolve needs and wants. To resolve hopes.

Can The Huffington Post, and Arianna Huffington, accept the challenge coming on Google Wave Webcashmotor Robot 4G3W ?
At WUWteam4G3W we would tonify by Ariannaendorsing, besides Googledepending, Obamadepending and Barrosoinvinting.

For kickoff . With Android shifting credit assets into assets in personalized property. By Nexus One, linking money-to-money, would be.

Do you believe Arianna ?

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