Bold action over junk money

After thinking about Regulatory Reform Over-the-Counter Derivatives and Financial Reform Summary members of Gool-Bama-Cash WUWteam4G3W researchs are taking action to place ingredients like Owndated Webquantum creation as near as possible of thinkers and law-makers.

Then extentions will be proposed for understanding the launch of the money datevaluation practice to upgrade the Classic Economy into Economy 4G3W. Just linking money parcels in cash-sharing-cash stream at 1 universal single unit and social sovereign anchor (insuring the web-cash-matic-production-results).
Because when people own personalized webliving-savings, all money related regulations needs are resolved by the cashkeeping mode on the basis of the shifting asset process.From credit asset, to property asset. Registered property asset. That is the solution.

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