Changing capital pumps to reform

Go to target, President said.

Please use Gool-Bama-Cash.

Make a Financial Reform handling changes in cash stream money pumps.

Dont you see that our Classic Bank System suppose pipes for cash stream going from:

1. Central Bank, printing money and controling rates ;
2. Private Banks, distribution, accounting by debt/credit and rates mix for financial recipes ;
3. Public use. Folks can't save anymore. And the investment is for experts.

Please reform by law and regulation for the use of new capital pumps and progressive financial compressor.To solve crisis for.universocial.wellbeing :

1. Folks creation of Personalized-Webliving-Savings (i-savings) linking money at Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor at FED/W3C/Google;
2. Central Bank using Fed's cash-stream-compressor to distribute TOW (tagvaporated OW capital);
3. Private Banks, adding one more function for folks independent shift i-savings/money money.

That's all.

You may go, because United We Serve.

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