Creating enough added value from savings practice.

Yes because savings role in the Classic Economy is reduced into non-reproductive reserve, dying with pills for sleep which are under interest rate form.

Worst is that whether to make savings is a bad performance for the personal results day by day, and if to make investments is a big risk for non-experts, folks like you and me we are reduced to consumption acts.

If you follow FED's advising lights, you understand that Classic Economy is ending because it is not able to move results.

We must find a riskless investment's substitute like it may be the money datevaluation practice.

At WUWteam4G3W we are proposing for Google on Googledepending technical structure and proposing for President Barak Hussein Obama on US Admnistration laws and regulations, the Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe which involves the folks creation of Personalized-Webliving-Savings to create enough added value. To cover folks personal yielding wealth needs and hopes and to create a solution for Treasury Debts putting off the idea of dead savings as economic fun-d-mentals.

As Author in Economy 4G3W, knowledge-sharing-knowledge, we are looking for collaboration to launch the upgrade for our Economy.

By hastags, #datevaluation, #linking money, #economy 4G3W, #KMers and #Innochat with Buzz and Twitter we may have a chance to share creative commons rights.

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