The bank is closed! Well, I'll make the payment via Smartphone!

Long time no see people. Have you noticed how much online banking sites are now trying to get clients?

No, it is not scam nor phishing (Obviously they exists, but the majority of sites are for real), it is the new form of banking, the new form of ensuring clients is here: You guarantee them a 24/7 open bank with full access, no-money carrying, faster transactions, full access to your account everywhere, a virtual postion which you can control automatically, online investment (and control of those) and a lot of security (At least, more than city banks and really, a lot safer than banks in Argentina where a pregnant mother was shot losing her baby on a bank robbery last year).

So this may be our previous step for what we are promoting. Think about it, Saxo Bank (For Example) provides you an online investment simulator machine and as if that help could be little, they offer assistance on many languages. That's the offer: "Come with me, be my client, don't worry I will teach you anything you don't know, I will assist you on everything at any time, any day, on any language and you'll grow up, we may even tell you where to place your money for growing together". For sure Saxo (As an example, I do not belong to them) will help their users as other banks do and then, making investments together for expanding both the bank and the services they can afford to improve user assistance and their later success.

Don't forget also, they are all banks and for sure will receive a lot more earnings than you on your own business. To this point, all but the last sentence is beautiful... What could happen if I offer you the same benefits, the same earning (and more), training on forex and all banking-related, automated and portable systems (For your comfort, from your MousePhone or Smartphone you can build your own WebCashMotor) online cash (not tangible) and a chance of raising your account (That we may call WebCashAccount) and your patrimony (webparcels) to levels you may not imagine (and larger multipliers!) just for... let's say... FREE?
What could happen then?

Any idea? Any doubts? Don't doubt. The online business is now.

Find out more, the WuW Team is working hard for making it real.

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